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Therefore it makes sense to take a break from adult-ing every once in a while to avoid getting burnt out.

You know what they say – everything in moderation, including maturity.

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Social media has the potential to influence behaviour, for better or worse, and it's now accepted that suicide prevention strategies need to deal with this.

As one parent explains, it was only after the death of her child that she realised her daughter had been discussing her depression and suicidal thoughts on facebook.

We’ve rounded up the best activities in Melbourne to help you rediscover the child within and temporarily forget about tax returns, car trouble and health insurance.

Various locations Bounce is a massive indoor trampolining venue with giant airbags to jump into, slamdunk arenas, dodgeball courts and more than 100 interconnected trampolines.

Sexual assault is a distressing experience and people who have been sexually assaulted report higher rates of adverse health outcomes.