Amber rose and rosa acosta dating

Savage fanned the romance flames when he posted (and then took down) a video of the twosome having a very loving conversation in the car together.

"It's so crazy how the world don't really know how good of a person you are and how you love and nurture people," says Savage in the video.

Jason starts off by apologizing to Amber for calling her a “b***h.” Amber recalls that she was inspired to grow out a “bush” and defy the stereotype that women who do not shave, wax, or laser their pubic hair are “unclean, unkept, or poor.” While the hosts understand where Amber is coming from, Claudia questions why she had to publicize the photo for the world to see.

Jason questions Amber on what message that photo is supposed to send to his 5-year-old niece and the millions of other children whose parents follow her on Instagram.

Amber answers by saying that she is not a role model for children, and that they should not be on her Instagram page in the first place.