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, an E4 original program, is about to start Series 4 in the UK, so the excellence of this show certainly is not news to our British readers.

But since Series 3 just started streaming on Hulu for American viewers, with a new episode every Monday, this is a good time to start watching.

It's a pattern of subtle superhero subversion that Misfits maintains all the way through this opening episode.

An opening monologue that could be something out of a Super Friends recruitment drive, or an inspirational be-all-you-can-be self-help group - until we get to the last line. When the probation worker who's patiently looking after them turns into an axe-wielding homicidal monster, they end up killing him, and make a pact to keep it quiet - which binds them together as an uncomfortable team - the Injustice League?

These include the sci-fi hit Misfits, about a bunch of Asbo kids doing community service who have magic powers; the edgy sex-and-drugs drama series Skins, set in Bristol and featuring Dev Patel before he starred in Slumdog Millionaire; and the hilariously rude teenage boys' comedy The Inbetweeners.