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A recent survey found that most users of social network services thought these sites were mildly offensive, although some felt that they are representative of the diversity of the human race and found nothing objectionable about it.

Surveys indicate that many people are interested in dating or marrying people of other races. Supreme Court overturned laws against mixed marriages, there were only 26,000 black wife-white husband couples.

Ang natira pang mga Kastila sa kapuluan ay nagkaroon ng alitan, kabilang na ang pagtatalo ni Raha Humabon at ng mga Kastila hinggil sa Did james may dating madison welch.

Sa isang pag-aaway, napaslang ng mga Cebuano ang 27 mga Kastila.

People who have visited the website in the last few days are allegedly likely to have had malicious spying software secretly installed on their computers, which can track every keystroke whenever they access their bank accounts.