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I told her that it was not her fault, and things like this happen all the time. I have met and spoke to so many other women who are in the same situation as me :) I have MRKH (Mayor-Rokitansky-Kuster-Hauser) this is when a women is born with ovaries and not a uterus.

I was so nervous going for my pelvic ultrasound and seeing if my ovaries were ok.

“My phone started going off, and it was from Twitter,” Morgan says of the instant and endless stream of tweets that mentioned her name after she picked Team Pharrell.

“I’m not that good at Twitter, so I was trying to read all these tweets that were happening and I’d refresh it, and I couldn’t ever get to the top.

My husband and I have always wanted a child, and it would mean the world to us, if we can start the process in the next few months.