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Mila Kunis: More like street-art-based stuff in Los Angeles that I can't talk about…because I'm pretty sure it's illegal. On having to lose 25 pounds for her role in , in which you played a rail-thin ballerina.

On expressing her politics through art…Glamour: Do you fund-raise for Obama? Printing lies, making accusations, it's just bullying. What was crazy was, when I was shooting , everyone was like, "Gosh, you're really too skinny." Then my weight started bouncing back and they're like, "She looked better when she was anorexic-looking." You can't please anyone!

“And I understood finally my parents’ divorce in a whole different way.” He went on to thank Kunis, whom he married in 2015, and their two children for helping him become a better person.

“I think the one thing that you realize the minute you become a parent is that character is the one thing you can give them as a parent,” he said. and then everything else becomes their choice.” For the record, however, Kutcher did not confirm or deny whether he ever did cheat.

"They're really serious," an insider tells Us Weekly of Kutcher's relationship with Kunis, 29.