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Yu Wenxia / 于文霞 (born 6 August 1989 in Shangzhi, China) - Miss China 2012 and Miss World 2012. Tang Wei / 湯唯 (born 7 October 1979, Hangzhou, China) - Chinese actress.

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Xia Hong (pronounced Sh-Ow-Y-Oh-N-Go) is a stunning Chinese woman residing in Guangxi, southern China.

There is simply something about this woman that has me wanting to know more about her.

She honestly conveys herself as being a person that will care about the inner you and in that this is what she values in others, it seems her destiny to make some lucky soul happy.

You may also appreciate that she is a deep and sincere person, someone who is not just going to tell you who she is – but rather invite you to find this out for yourself as you develop a trusting and meaningful relationship.

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