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We’re afraid, sometimes unwilling, or ignorant about wanting to speak about things that we may be worried about, or the things that we may be thinking about. Like acknowledging me as a woman, using the pronouns I prefer, whether it’s “he”, “she” or “they”.

Of course we allude to it sometimes, but it’s never something progressive, where they say things like, “Help me understand,” or “What is going on? I think it’s hurtful, disrespectful and alienating.

Because of the many ways that anti-transgender bias can put someone at risk for violence, HRC and other advocates are marking Bostick's death, while making every effort to respectfully reflect his identity.

by: Asanda Gura - 25 June 2015 Sandile Ndelu, who prefers being called Sandi, is a 22-year-old postgraduate law student at the University of Cape Town.

After Ed Wood’s risible Glen or Glenda (1953), which took the fame of American transsexual woman Christine Jorgensen and turned it into a semi-autobiographical story about a man who liked angora sweaters, came Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho (1960), based on Robert Bloch’s novel about serial killer Ed Gein, who killed over a dozen women and made a vest of their skins.