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NOTES: (1) Africa Internet Usage Statistics in this table are in March 31, 2017.(2) The Facebook subscriber data are in June 30, 2016, the last available from FB.

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It was approved by SADC Summit in 2003 and its effective implementation began in 2005. The Revised Edition of the Strategic Indicative Plan for the Organ (SIPO II) provides a review of the first edition of the Plan.

Based on the objectives and common agenda of SADC, the Strategic Indicative Plan for the Organ, first signed in 2004, provided general guidelines that spelt out specific implementation activities, in accordance with the objectives of the Protocol on Defense, Politics and Security Cooperation, and the strategies for their realisation, covering the Public Security, Political, Defence, and State security sectors.

The following sections of this report provide information about Zambia’s network landscape and internet penetration levels, its legal environment with respect to freedom of expression, access to information and privacy, as well as about cases of censorship and surveillance that have previously been reported in the country.

The remainder of the report documents the methodology and key findings of this study.

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