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Could Keith van der Woodsen be the brother or a cousin of William, or did the writers simply rename the character? His older version was about to get introduced in the show in season 3 but producers decided not to add more characters to "S's Daddy Issues" storyline.

To date, there has been no resolution to this issue on-screen. However, this was never revealed in the show itself so this answer could be considered non-canon.

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His zodiac sign is Pisces and he is an American by nationality.

Shiloh Fernandez grew up with a younger brother and a sister in Ukiah, California.

Before he started acting, Shiloh had worked as a dishwasher.

Then he went to work as an American Apparel catalog model.

Il a également joué le rôle de David dans le remake de Evil Dead sorti au cinéma en 2013. Shiloh a déclaré qu'il avait déjà fumé de la marijuana au lycée, selon lui pour se détendre, mais a dit quelque temps après avoir arrêté et ne plus compter le refaire. Il se met en couple, en 2008, avec l'actrice anglaise Juno Temple (qui joue dans Les 3 Mousquetaires de Paul W.