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I was referred to a home owner who had listed his house for sale earlier this year and the constant feedback on the showings was that the kitchen was hopelessly outdated. The client asked me to come and give him some cost effective ideas that would help get his house sold, since he has been transferred to Georgia and needs to get it sold fairly quickly.

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We definitely decided to lighten up all the paint throughout and the unfortunate wallpaper that was installed over 10 years ago had to go.

The unfortunate part was that it covered the kitchen, dining room, and most of the bathrooms.

Make a bold statement with countertops in shades of red or green. Choose small appliances like crock pots and toasters in a color that contrasts with the large white appliance or opt to match all appliances for a sleek, contemporary look. Opt for some with a similar theme, such as animals or sports. It will ground the space while allowing the appliances to stand out.

Give the kitchen a touch of class with a painting hung on the wall above the table that pulls all the kitchen’s colors together including brown and white. Use them to display your children’s artwork, a collection of vintage postcards or simply to stylishly hold shopping lists and memos in place on your white fridge. The oak floor coupled with matching cabinets draws the eye from floor to ceiling, making the space appear larger than it is.

Sent by Kim Kim, we've painted the insides of cabinets and it's not so fun. But to open up the cabinets and see a pop of color is very rewarding.