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With studio quality audio, widescreen HD video, and incremental versions of the source code, this efficiently organized course teaches up-to-date coding techniques and gives comprehensive coverage of an important aspect of modern web development.

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You will learn how to:structure a website using HTML5apply styling with cascading stylesheets (CSS)convert a static site to a dynamic one using PHPremove inefficient duplicate codeuse PHP functions to isolate variablesuse My SQLi and prepared statements for secure database queriesmanipulate page content immediately with j Queryupdate the database silently with AJAXupload the project to a web host and deal with important security considerations.

PDF version of the course allows full-text search The course is equally suitable for beginners or more advanced students.

The fact you have made a course which is complete end-to-end is impressive.

The fact that code examples all work puts nearly every programming book and most web courses to shame." "The Ultimate Web Development course is the most user friendly course I have encountered to date. Richard Stibbard is extremely committed and accessible. If only all the on-line lecturers could take a page from his book." ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Solid Full Stack Development course - I have been through numerous other books and courses trying to get up to speed on CSS, JQuery, Ajax, and PHP, and so far this is the most effective. First, the app developed throughout the course is reasonably complex and whether its a particular look in CSS or behaviour in j Query, it accurately reflects what modern apps really look like.

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