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The most prominent features are the unique receiver markings and the Lyman 41R receiver sight.Please take note that the Early-Type comes in two configurations.

Cam model without id-38

To compensate for the lower velocity, and subsequently reduced recoil, a .25Rem buffer spring was replaced in the barrel jacket to ensure reliable function. Loomis noted in a memo dated August 29, 1938 that, “the writer had the 30 caliber buffer springs replaced with 25 caliber. These rifles were targeted at 100 yards in the usual manner and the grouping shows somewhat larger than the regular service ammunition…

This testing was done between the months of August and October of 1938. “the writer, therefore, recommends the rifle set up in this manner (using 25Rem buffer springs) for the above ammunition, and from the rifle factor can see no reason why they could not be supplied; however, believes that there should be some special marking put on these arms.

This caused the internet to explode; some outraged by the market, some intrigued and some just unaware that a niche such as this ever existed.

However, this phenomenon has been such way before the exposure it gained from the popular Netflix show.

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