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Continue reading Cat Lady and Crazy: like Tequila and lime (and I warn in advance that this will be in rhyme) Hope your Christmas was jolly Now go grab a beer As you read with delight a tale of great “cheer.” So…. You clearly screwed up big time back in 2006, or whenever it was that this girl Fellow online daters: What the crap is your deal with posting photos of your cats and dogs? (Girls, I am talking to you in particular..) Be forgiving when looking at these guy’s pictures. I have met several people online, and every last one of them, with the exception of one, was WAY cuter in person than in their photos. If his profile indicates he is a total tool, AND his pictures don’t do anything for you – then by all means, don’t send or reply to a message. Worst case scenario you meet up and gain a new friend. (The blogger posted photo examples..) Its Not argues, and rightfully so, that this picture is much like the shirtless man photo that we all love to hate so much. Photos you try to pass off as yourself are only good on Facebook Doppelganger day.

Twas the evening of Christmas as I sat all alone No one to snuggle No sweetheart to phone No boyfriend from Santa which was this year’s wish Not even a message on Plenty of Fish. I met up with a guy once and I was almost positive I wasn’t going to be attracted to him – his photos were awful. I know I have discussed this topic before briefly, but after reading another online dating blog (Its Not, written by a guy).. According to my fellow blogger (blog entry here) there are several females out there posting photos of themselves with a fake mustache. Again – as not seeing many girl profiles, I don’t know how big of a thing this mustache thing really is..

Needless to say, I never had the opportunity to join the world of computer dating.

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Oh boyfriend, come quick For my loins be an itchin’ Okay – I’m just kidding but ain’t these rhymes bitchin’? If we get to talking, I may be okay with seeing Rover if we become Facebook friends..

It’s been a while since I’ve written about my dating life. If there’s one thing this city seems to have an over supply of, it’s single women looking for a companion – or just a date. This is not meant to be a post of the state of female singletons in the city, so I’ll move on.

I liked what he had written in his profile, he was in the right age range (not so young as to be looking for an encounter reminiscent of “The Graduate” and not old enough to be my Father), could spell, write in complete sentences, had more than one photo (we can all take ONE good photo), didn’t have a photo of himself taken in the bathroom with his shirt off (why do men think we want to see that? (As an aside, it’s amazing how many men living in NYC are outdoorsy – an adjective that would never be applied to me.

The number of photographs of men skiing, running, camping, waterskiing and taking part of other such activities is quite amazing given we live in a city where much of that is hard to come by.

There hasn't been a song this catchy about cats since — well — Cats, the musical.