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Use sexually explicit or harmful language including the use of misspelled or punctuated words to insinuate, represent any of the above - also known as "masked swearing".Be abusive to other players based on race, sex, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation, age or other criteria that offends other users.

Users are required to take into consideration community standards and refrain from abusive or deceptive conduct, Rights of other users should be respected.

You agree to not: Be insulting to any person via obscene, offensive, hateful or inflammatory comments via the in-game text or voice communications.

Then the X-ray kicks in as you penetrate, bones splinter, organs disintegrate, and it's all rendered in pornographic detail. It is, by far, the most horrifically violent orgasm ever captured in a game - or, arguably, any other medium.

It's an experience you'll repeat over and over (unless you switch the kill-cam off entirely) across the game's eight missions.

It is close to 10pm and I am on route to an exclusive Killing Kittens party for Sydney’s ‘sexual elite’.