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I only had a problem with the music a couple times were the speaker kinda hurt the ear at times, but didn't care to much about that!

Now I did have a problem seeing the stage at times because even is on a level floor.

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According to female friends who are also in relationships with women, these aren’t isolated incidents. ” or “I’d pay to see a bit more of that” when we kiss are just as threatening and unpleasant as homophobic name-calling. They make it into a sexy show that’s put on for the satisfaction of others.

Since when does this happen with heterosexual couples?

It seems that there’s still a lot of rigid stereotyping going on when it comes to queer women and what they should look like.

Lesbians who look more masculine or androgynous are more easily recognised as gay, but being traditionally feminine-looking means that people don’t know until you start holding your girlfriend’s hand or publically displaying affection.

I thought this one would've had at least some singing or story telling instead of just dancing. Girls are all very pretty and sexy, as well as professional dancers. You could tell that the girls put a lot of work into what they do!