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However, Richard Armitage shut all the Gay rumors between them, as he got engaged to Samantha Colley in 2016.

Apart from the rumor of him and Richard being boyfriends, Lee Pace has been reportedly linked up with few ladies and lads in the past.

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Here’s some of what I consider some of my best articles to answer the most common questions: Why Didn’t He Text Back?

, How To Get Out of The Friend Zone With a Guy He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not Another major type of question is trying to figure out the guy’s feelings or where she stands with the guy she’s seeing.

Caption: Lee and all his dating partners back in time The list of Lee's dating affairs is long; starting from the recent one, Lee was linked up with Laura Donnelly (2015 - 2016.) Earlier from 2011 till 2015, Carter Smith's name was associated with Lee.

Similarly, Anna Friel was his lady from (2006 - 2007), and the couple was all over the news because of the controversial kiss they had on the comic con of Pushing Daisies, which was later discussed in few interviews.

A lot of the time, I’ll get questions from women who feel in their heart that they want to make a move or move in a certain direction, but really don’t know if it’s the right move or not.