Fuck dating 4free - Craigslist dating experiences

And in the middle of telling me things that he liked to do and talking about his ex-wife he goes from 'we liked sailing and buying antiques' to 'and I like corsets ...' Excuse me, corsets?

He keeps talking as if he hasn't said anything off, and I stop him and ask, 'What do you mean by corsets?

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I asked him a few questions about himself, he told me he still lived with his mother but had the top floor to himself, and that he was a part time model that made good money.

Judging by his picture him being a model was fairly believable. He drove a silver two door car, I want to say Ford.

I’d just had my first foursome and I was at what you could call a sexual peak. I moved into a condominium which was like living on Pluto or some planet where I was the only inhabitant.

My new condo had an elevator, a gym downstairs, two bathrooms, and a dishwasher.

' And he says, yeah, he liked antique corsets and his wife would model them for him.