Cyber chat bot

Artificial intelligence, the simulation of human imagination by computers and robots, is a young but incredibly important field that will – Oh wait, sorry, what’s this? This, more than anything else, is the best way to summarise Microsoft’s latest AI chat bot, Murphy, “the robot with imagination”.

Last year 50 shelters participated and this year, 100 shelters will be participating.

The three previous Kitten Bowl’s resulted in the adoption of more than 1800kittens/cats through national Kitten Bowl adoption events.

#Kitten Bowl has been a top trending hashtag (#1) on social media during Super Bowl since its premiere.

Kitten Bowl IV is presented in partnership with North Shore Animal League America and Last Hope Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation with NSAL, hosting adoption parties with partner shelters across the US.

Lots happening behind the scenes but this week we’re proud to announce that our platform powered three exciting, and different activations in mobile messaging for our brand clients.