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Why Women Stay With Cheating Husbands husband had an affair with a woman 43yrs his junior, 30yrs younger than me. It gives me hope, that there if life after cheating I was not married but found myself pregnat and his ex pregnat at the same time.

He even brought her into our house and our martial bed while I was away nursing in another state for six months. We waited when the kids were 4 years to marry and i thouhgt i forgave him.

It has also made “real” cheating, physical cheating, easier than ever.

Aaron would arrange to meet up with strange men he find online during his lunch hour—something that, time-wise, would have been much more complex before the Internet.

" "I have been many places in my mind" *laughs maniacally* In this mini episode we explain ourselves (and our absence), and talk unfathomable stress, fame, and the future of the podcast.