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Katie, of Scottish and Hong Kong heritage, has told The Telegraph how she thinks the 'ignorance' of casting needs to be addressed, due to people assuming someone of an Asian heritage can't be thoroughly, wholeheartedly British and speak English just as well as the next person."It really irks me," she admits. 'I Hate Katie' websites were quickly set up, which sometime contained racist slurs. I went into Harry Potter thinking this would be it. "It wasn't until I came to the end of filming that I realised it might have just been a case of luck that I got the role.

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he is grateful for what he learned on the Potter set, yet “could never have predicted how well it would serve me, going forward” as he put it.

When he was filming the first film, he explains that he used to go up to cast and crew and told them to make sure he never got arrogant.

No more."which sees her play a Chinese-born girl Mei who is given up for adoption to Anglo-American parents because of China's controversial one-child policy.

, jealous fans created a site called “I Hate Katie” and filled it with racist messages directed at the young star.

Since opening in 2010, the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando, Fla., has been wildly successful, credited for the theme park's record-breaking attendance.