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That compares to five per cent of men who reported inadvertently getting a woman pregnant and 20 per cent who thought they had.Fourteen per cent of respondents said they have never been in a relationship, while a narrow plurality of 25 per cent have been in just one “exclusive/monogamous or otherwise committed relationship.” Twenty-four per cent have been in two, 19 per cent in three and 11 per cent in four, with the remainder having been in five or more.

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A notorious “pickup artist” drew criticism from students and the attention of campus security last week during a visit to the University of B. Jan Huang, the founder of Janlifestyle, a Vancouver-based men’s dating firm, was spotted Wednesday on campus by students who recognized him from media and videos online.

One video posted to Huang’s You Tube channel a year ago, “College Game — Pickup Girls on Campus,” shows him approaching women on the UBC campus and using pickup techniques he teaches in a three-day $1,500 “dating boot camp.” The interactions are filmed from a distance and the women’s faces are blurred in the recordings.

Reporter Jeremy Hunka explains who’s behind the so-called dating boot camp for men – and how he explains his approach.