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(Closed Mondays) On leaving the museum, a brief stroll through Bute Park, formerly the pleasure gardens of Cardiff Castle.

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At stake is our ability to study the lives of Neolithic people everywhere at the scale of lifetimes, generations and even decades, as opposed to the more usual scale of centuries. For further detail, see the project's own website at: Linearbandkeramik culture or LBK represents the first farmers of central and western Europe (c. Many excavations and investigations have taken place, but rather general models of sedentary existence dominate the literature.

By December 2013, we have initiated all the components of the project, and have collected approximately half the new samples to be dated. This now completed project questioned models which impose too much uniformity on the LBK, and looked for diversity at local and regional scales, and through the LBK sequence.

Vehicle mitigation barriers to prevent vehicles coming into the city centre [and] fans will be told no bags in the stadium."Click the video at the top of the page to watch the heavy security presence ahead of the Champions League final.

is funded by a five-year (2012–2017) Advanced Investigator Grant, from the European Research Council, which I am leading jointly with Professor Alex Bayliss of English Heritage.

Nowadays, Cardiff Bay is a bustling waterfront, a centre for arts and culture, with an amazing choice of bars and restaurants for your group to relax and refuel.