Dating love send thread

Have you ever gone out with someone from across the state? I want to dive in then wallow, spending days in heavy-lidded bliss.

It doesn’t seem like much really, in the overall timetable of a Life… But I don’t want to be like that with a special new lover.

These guys shared what might turn them off a potential girlfriend. I don’t care how long we’ve been together, or how charming you are on the first date, I just can’t deal with this.

We just gonna give dis to you in a big list, because who doesn’t love a list? It’s so unattractive to me.” One must always laugh in a demure fashion when one wants to impress a male who believes his sense of humour is the be-all-and-end-all.

A kiss is just a kiss 53% of singles over 50 feel it is appropriate to kiss someone after one date.

Lucky 7 51% of singles over 50 are NOT satisfied with their sex lives.

To notice the seesaw of emotions when I don’t get juicy emails in reply to ones I send, or worse of all, no special comics and drawings.