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Here are some of the classier ones we know, near places you might actually be for a date. There are make-out spots aplenty at this sprawling, leafy arts enclave, but the second floor of the magnificent, colonial-era main building is great late at night, when the galleries on the second floor have closed.

Climb up, lean against the balcony railing, all framed by pretty arches, and make your move.

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In a closet, at a party, ’cause who’s going to notice and who’s going to care? In the bathroom on a plane, to see if it’s worth the hype.

In a train station, passionately, with hundreds of people walking by.

For the most privacy, ask to be seated on one of the loveseats, which are draped with see-through curtains.

To further set the mood, the wallpaper features silhouettes of different sexual positions.

In a graveyard, cause it creeps you out, in a good way. At a party, in front of all your friends, and maybe even an ex or two. In the nosebleeds at a ballgame, when the sun sets, and the game gets boring.