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narrowed down the list by profiling only the top 91 networks.

With dozens and dozens of social networks emerging as fads and then disappearing before the mainstream ever knows they existed, how can businesses know which ones are passing trends and which ones are worth an investment in time and resources? The network allows businesses to tell their story in an authentic, personal way.

So I took the plunge as Cam and I set up my very own account on POF to try a social experiment on online dating.

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I have been against online dating for what feels like forever, but I do understand the appeal and the successes some people have had.

This was enough to intrigue me in the concept as well as seeing it as a possible platform for me to give feedback to help guys through the web as well as a way to distinguish the best approach for women who are interested in online dating.

It functions as a powerful CRM, enabling marketers to maintain deep connections with their customers.

It breaks the traditional advertising format by presenting ads as content, which makes them far more powerful and impactful.

Online dating is a laid back version of speed dating except you don’t need to be physically presentable; you need to arm yourself with catchy headlines, subject lines, and come up with a successful way to approach and initiate conversation to a complete stranger.