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By analyzing shadows and investigating the history of photographic lenses and cameras and researching the history of railroads in Wisconsin, the researchers determined that the photo was likely taken September 24, 1871 at pm by either Wolfgang Morganeier or his two apprentices, George and Edward Groh.

And if you’re into this sort of thing, there are weekly photo quizzes at Forensic Genealogy.

The men in the image below, which dates from the 1860s, wear overalls, but they were not as commonly worn until around the 1890s. Severa, Dressed for the Photographer: Ordinary Americans and Fashion, 1840-1900, 1995 What stands out in the late 19 Century Farmers: Image courtesy of the University of Vermont Landscape Change Program and the Vermont Historical Society What is most notable about the 1920s and 1930s era of farmer's clothing is the preference toward the flat caps worn by most of the men in the images below.

The soft, felt hats of the previous decades were largely replaced. The men in the images below wear a variety of outfits, including overalls, button down shirts, vests, and sweaters.

Dating a Vintage Hat by Its Label By, Dianna Hanson Dating a vintage hat can be a little tricky.