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For workaholics, or people who find themselves spread thin with obligations, dating sites can be an easy way to keep their love lives alive and well.On the topic of online dating, race will always come up.But, what if a person wrote, “Whites only”, “No Asians” or “No Blacks” on their dating profile?

The study revealed that non-black men found black women the least desirable amongst all of the racial groups while black men “showed little racial preference either way.” Research showed that all women tended to prefer men of their own race, yet still managed to “penalize” Asian and black men, making them the least desired racial group of men.

The study published in Archives of Sexual Behavior entitled “Is Sexual Racism Really Racism?

Numerous studies have shown that when it comes to online dating and even offline dating, race matters.

Upon a host of other trends, research shows that folks on online dating sites tend to favor people of their own race. Considering that interracial couples were historically taboos both in the United States and other parts of the world including Europe and South Africa, this trend is no surprise.

While online dating has maintained a slight stigma, it has become normalized in the last few years.