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Block Out II is a game where the player moves and rotate 3D polycubes that are constantly falling with the objective of clearing layers of blocks.

It is a free adaptation of the original Block Out game released in 1989.

Jezierski, Srinath Vasireddy and Mohammad Al-Sabt, Microsoft Corporation; Blaine Wastell, Ascentium Corporation; Jonathan Rasmusson and Paul Gale, Thought Works; and Paul Slater, Wadeware LLC June 2004 Related Links Microsoft® ( Summary: This chapter describes how to best use the deployment features provided by the .

NET Framework in your smart clients and the Windows platform and provides guidance on how to choose between the deployment and update mechanisms available. NET Framework Deploying Smart Client Applications Choosing the Right Deployment Approach Deploying Smart Client Updates Choosing the Right Update Approach Summary Smart client applications perform local processing on the client computer, and so need to be deployed on those computers.

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