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The last thing anyone needs is more angst, especially when they’re feeling vulnerable and risking rejection.Or as comedian Aziz Ansari wrote in his book : “Everyone is dealing with the same nonsense.It’s up for debate whether you need to respond to first emails.

Readers should know that the description in Mishpacha was not exaggerated.

2) I think that the proposed solution runs the risk of ameliorating one crisis by adding to a different one – one that Mishpacha is less likely to write about.

This was in no way a scientific study, and in every way a chance for the author to make some money writing about her dating life. I knew from the moment I picked up this book that it was probably a waste of my time, but I read it anyway -- mostly because I liked the cover and because the concept of scientifically researching dating strategies sounded somewhat interesting.

Much like the author's dates, I should have listened to my gut instinct, stuck with blegh, and moved on.

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