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If nothing happens, and you see the Windows logo, restart the computer again. Some e Machines also use the F2 key to enter the BIOS.

Therefore, try each key if you fail to access the BIOS settings screen on the first or second attempt.

I think the answer from 10 years and 2 days ago above still applies: "should be in your system manual".

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But with thin profit margins and declining sales, the company quickly started losing money and received a threat of being delisted by NASDAQ in late December 2000.

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e Machines employed about 135 employees and sold between one and two million computers each year before its purchase on January 30, 2004, by rival Gateway Computers.

Gateway in turn was acquired by Taiwanese personal computer manufacturer Acer in October 2007, and e Machines was used as a name brand for PCs until 2012. e Machines was founded in the United States on September 1998,.

If you still cannot access the BIOS, refer to your manual for the correct key or keys to press following the reboot."That makes me think it can be different for different models.