Enterprise vault error validating a partition network share

Enterprise vault error validating a partition network share

I'm facing the following problem: As the title already says, I want to share a partition between a Windows Server 2012 R2 and an Ubuntu Server 16.04 LTS machine.

Some more background information first: Both systems are running simultanously, each one as a VM, on one ESXi host (no dual-boot) - so one host, two running guests.

For example if items exceed a predetermined message size limit, they fail to import, but may still be needed in the future.

The Archive Shuttle 'Moved Failed Items' function... DETAILS Some error hashes are as follows: ISSUE From time to time the list of Failed Items in a migration can grow quite large.

Text2$), the application will be marked as In Error and processing on the application will not continue. Text1$ encountered an error in the Application Driver, the Application Driver for $Event. Certificate found during a Network Validation Scan of Host: $Event. Value2$, did not match the certificate on record for $Event.