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FAQ My periodic damage is not showing up in the combat log or on the screen! - You have turned off periodic damage on the Advanced Options under Interface options. Cleanup of combat log pasting, xp gain, and pet happiness.

Make sure the "Periodic Damage" check box is checked, even if you have Damage unchecked. You may change this for each character using the Profile area of the option menu. Eaves Drop now supports Share Media, so just select your font from the options menu.

Then Derpy/Muffins/Bubbles (whatever you wanna call her) comes flying and crashing into the castle with a letter for Starlight, inviting her back to her old village for the Sunset Festival.

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Based off of the episode "Eggheads" from Sonic Boom.

Pinkie Pie discovers an ancient cook book, and accidentally whips up a batch of cupcakes that turns her friends evil. It was the start of another beautiful morning in the land of Equestria.

It separates incoming events (left side) from out going events (right side) from misc. - Combat Summaries - Shift Click to paste events of history into Chat Edit Box Where did it come from? Coding help/samples from Andalia`s Side Combat Log and Combat Chat. - Unzip Eaves Drop into your interface\addons directory. Now just run Wo W and once logged in, you will see the Eaves Drop in the middle of your screen. Right click the Eaves Drop Tab to see the options menu.

- Incoming damage, spells, heals, buffs, debuffs, etc...

Using a Glass Using a Hole Using a Spy Stethoscope Knowing the Consequences of Spying Community Q&A Wondering about that muffled conversation on the other side of your wall? Whether it’s on a stranger or loved one, or in your own home or elsewhere, it’s probably not a good idea to spy.