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But the court ruled that the federation was not eligible to file a complaint because the legal issues around infidelity only can be raised within a private marital relationship and because cheating on one's spouse doesn't always rise to a civil violation.

Married dating service Illicit Encounters have teamed up with the leading mobile phone privacy software company Loky, to help tech-savvy cheaters hide calls and texts from their other half using a special stealth smartphone app.

Illicit Encounters spokeswoman Rosie Freeman-Jones said: "Research shows that nearly 60% of women think it's perfectly acceptable to check their partner's mobile phones for inappropriate text messages and unknown numbers.

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A Paris civil court said that promoting infidelity in advertisements wasn't unlawful because adultery isn't a criminal offense in France and that cheating on one's spouse is a private matter.

"It is a victory of freedom of speech over religious bigotry," Caroline Mecary, the lawyer for Gleeden, told The Associated Press.

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It claims to be a world leader in the market of online extramarital dating, with a presence in more than 150 countries.