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" — Bonnie Burton, author of The Star Wars Craft Book & host of Geek DIY You keep your action figures in their original packaging.

Your closets are full of officially licensed Star Wars merchandise. This hilarious primer is jam-packed with cheat codes, walkthroughs, and power-ups for navigating the perils and pitfalls of your love life with ease.

Smith spends most of the book on how to find a date, asking her out, and getting ready for the date (more than just showering, but please, always shower), but he also talks about if the date blossoms into a relationship and then if it ends. but maybe that didn’t belong in there in the first place.

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I’ve even scored a few dates with geeky girls from there!

) In Philly, there’s Giovanni’s Room, and in Chicago, there’s Women and Children First. Be sure to check out She Seek on Facebook and Twitter, and good luck with your search! You can submit it anonymously through our tips form.

Smith, a self-declared geek, is not asking anyone to change just to get a girl, he’s just showing you what will work best with your options, no matter what kind of geek you are (Book worm? And as a geeky gal reading this, I was bummed not to see anything aimed at women besides a disclaimer page saying that mostly everything applies (besides maintaining facial hair). What are some of the geekiest pick-up lines you can think of? I don’t use them, so I don’t think I really know any. My super agent is busy pitching my YA novel series, so hey, hopefully something happens with that!

But Eric Smith can tell you a lot more to ease you through the process of asking a girl out in his new book, The Geek’s Guide to Dating. In a tongue-in-cheek style, this guide has exactly what the “Player One” who has everything but his leading lady needs, from the beginning of the quest to date level to the possible “Beyond Thunderdome.” I’m not a geek guy, but I know that this book should be read with a sense of humour. Sometimes, it reads like Player One barely interacts with society, but even if you live in a man cave, there’s still a gal out there for you who’s waiting for you to say ‘hi.’ And if you use this book as a drinking game every time there’s a reference to something geeky (popular ones are , video games and Star Wars), you will be drunk within the first 10 pages. She holds a special place in my rom-com heart, what can I say?

Instead, look at this as an opportunity to show a side of yourself to this person and share it with them. In the end, I appreciate that we have our own interests.