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That’s the nickname “people” (who have nothing better to do because the writer’s strike has left them without valuable things to talk about) have given to the Milo and Hayden dating fiasco. Will they watch because it’s a great show or because they want to see a glimpse of Hayden making moon eyes at Milo? I thought there was something odd about that scene and at the time I couldn’t place it.

But it was a young girl flirting with a guy who obviously had designs on her.

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photo credit: montini Hayden Panettiere is known to throw herself in front of a perfectly good whale (or 30-year old man), but she’ll never be downing booze and drugs. Panettiere is trying to be a big girl and get a place of her own. I was thinking about this when I heard the writer’s strike had ended. So many people from the cast insisted those two were platonic friends. Will it change the chemistry on the set or on screen? Claire got close to him and then the Haitian wiped his memory clean so he couldn’t remember anything about their relationship.

(And once you’ve been sleeping with 30-year old guys, it really IS time to leave the nest.) . Hayden Panettiere and Milo Ventimiglia” except that Milo ain’t that young. More than that, will people begin to look at differently now? Remember that scene where she realizes Peter Petrelli saved her life and she just smiles dopily and walks out of the holding cell. Well he’s commented on the whole Hayden & Milo show with one word: GROSS.

And it turns out that Hayden, despite her young age (she just turned 18), is the sage one when it comes to dispensing dating tips.

"She's the one that gives advice," Masi says of Hayden Panettiere.

This is one hot couple that we'll definitely missing seeing together on the red carpet. fans rejoiced when the show's most endearing couple, Seth Cohen and Summer Roberts, got together off screen in 2003.