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In fact, a male having vaginal sex with an HIV positive female is actually half as likely to become infected with HIV than a female when she has vaginal sex with a HIV positive male. The reality is that HIV can only get into someone’s system through a mucous membrane or an open wound, and a penis is simply harder to infect than a vagina.Whereas a vagina is almost entirely a mucous membrane (that’s vulnerable to HIV exposure from infected semen), only the urethra or an open sore on a penis can be a route for infection.Exploring Your Feelings Talking It Out Educating Yourself Community Q&A Human sexuality is extremely complicated.

Because – get this: The identities haven’t helped us, they’ve hurt. (Lord, please help me lighten burdens, not add them. I want people to look past my flailing attempts and somehow see you.) While you may identify as gay or homosexual, I respectfully don’t think Jesus sees this as your identity. I’ll now start the usual questions that come up in discussions with my friends (many of whom identify or have identified as “gay”.) Q: So are you saying there are no homosexuals? Clearly, there are men who are attracted exclusively to men, and women to women. It’s a relatively new idea that they can, as a matter of fact.

They don’t reflect sociological or theological reality. The labels “homosexual” and “heterosexual”, as identities, reach back only to the late 1800s. The Bible does not affirm sex between men or between women. But it actually makes no mention of homosexual as an , or heterosexual, for that matter.

Because you ask specifically about sex between a male and a female, here’s a breakdown of the possible ways transmission could occur: A male is at risk of contracting HIV if his urethra, open sores on his genitals, or open cuts around his mouth come into contact with: Researchers have found that only the heartiest versions of HIV infect males who have penile/vaginal sex with HIV positive females.

To catch you up to speed on how this is possible, here’s a bit of HIV 101: when a person is infected with HIV, the virus begins mutating as it reproduces itself inside their body.

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