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A representative from Johnny’s & Associates had told Sports Hochi they had not heard any reports about the pair’s relationship.Similarly, a representative from Ichikawa’s talent agency had told Sankei News, “we have not heard of any such thing from her (Ichikawa)”.Yamashita Tomohisa was a player nothing or no one could tie him down.

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He casually reached for her hand and they walked hand-in-hand, eventually linking arms. Please send the message out to Ikuta-kun's fans to not worry.

They seem to be heading to a deserted park after their dinner date at a Japanese restaurant earlier, where they had spent about two hours.

Having begun working in the entertainment industry since they were teenagers, the two had become friends after realising they had similar goals, which in the end led to love.

The paper continues to report that the two had kept their relationship hidden in order to avoid any detrimental effects on their careers.

I love every single picture or any facts about Ikuta Toma : D .