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Featured plot lines include: interspecies dating, a pen-pal infected with rabies and an ill-fated visit to a petting zoo.

So I'm working my way through the first few seasons of Torchwood and Dr.

The image was taken by a touris at a lodge in Tanzania's Ngorongoro Conservation Area, a United Nations official World Heritage site.

“To observe a thing like his is very unusual,” said Ingela Jansson, head of Kope Lion, a conservation group attempting to resolve ongoing issues between lions and people living nearby who hunt big cats in an effort to protect their livestock.

This seems to be part of a larger collective lapse of judgment in which we as a culture allowed actual news sources to report on the relationship of Kermit and Miss Piggy as if they were living beings and not felt puppets that require human hands and voices to mimic speech and movement.

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    The only problem is that we only know the number of daughter atoms now present, and some of those may have been present prior to the start of our clock.

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    I can't say I'm the least bit surprised looking at all the other stories running down the page. Their friends play along with the charade as they say all the most charming things. If you ever meet a pinay online NEVER BELIEVE A WORD SHE SAYS!!!

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    He’s the greatest movie actor of his generation, but he remains a mystery—to the public, to the industry, even to his closest friends. De Niro is out of the country,” Trixie Bourne continued cheerfully.

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    They look like you or me or anyone down the street.