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Last week we reported that in a concerning development that may be a harbinger of the splintering within the US after a presidential election in which Trump loses, various armed militia groups were preparing for violence in case of what they dubbed a "stolen election." As Reuters reported, "camouflaged members of the Three Percent Security Force have mobilized for rifle practice, hand-to-hand combat training - and an impromptu campaign rally for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump." Trump's campaign has energized militia members like Hill, who admire the Republican mogul's promise to deport illegal immigrants, stop Muslims from entering the country and build a wall along the Mexico border.Trump has repeatedly warned that the election may be "rigged," and has said he may not respect the results if he does not win.If you are tired of seeing paranormal films that incorporate found footage tactics or are just rehashed remakes full of cheap boo scares, then Oculus is the film for you.

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I have had the video for some time, and love all the color and the songs. At every main intersection there is a smart Russian WAC in khaki uniform and beret flagging the traffic along with a red and yellow flag and giving a snappy parade-ground salute to each vehicle as it passes.

It started me sketching characters and scenes from it, and it didn't hurt that I was taking Spanish, too. Aunt Lill came over later on and we talked and had some tea. There is no running water in the city and the electricity supply has not yet been restored. No wonder I couldn't lose weight, although Dot didn't have that problem—lucky her! We kept fooling around about how we're going to act and dress.

I believe this movie was one of the first to include [live] actors and cartoon characters. I finished my work at about and went to bed.”You would have loved the ice cream parlor on 47th. Along the main streets in the less-blitzed areas you see men and women trudging along, pushing hand-carts, baby carriages—anything on wheels, in fact—loaded down with dining-room tables, wardrobes, chairs, beds and other pieces of furniture.”I can't place all these eating spots— Southtown, Myrt & Henry's, etc.—but the names are familiar. Jim called later on and wanted to meet me in Parnell, but I couldn't.

It will be a sober day—almost a sorrowful day—because of the realization that another war needs to be fought in Asia and because of the memory that the price of V-E day was paid with the lives and blood of many Chicago sons. Marble tops, booths with mirrors, dark paneling—and what a soda fountain! Aunt Lill came over later on, so we stayed up till .”T. Wright, civil aeronautics administration head [said] a landing place near the “business-industrial, banking-hotel center of a city attacks the air transport problem...

In an interview with Reuters, Walt Sims of the Last Ohio Militia, says his group is not a typical group of "right-wing government hating radicals", and unlike some of the other militias encountered by Reuters in its week-long reporting on armed militia groups, is "urging calm rather than predicting catastrophe." According to Sims, he did not feel at home with the other groups: "most of them we just didn't like; they were either too militant or too secret squirrel; we use the term tinfoil hat." Sims' ambition is simple: to take back the militia name from "the fringe element", and to make it a good term again.