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When thinking about season 13, my feelings on the season can be briefly summarized by rating each individual block. ********** Something I forgot, and probably had a very heavy hand in S13’s really lackluster start.

I’ve wondered why for me there’s such a large gap in quality between be the beginning of the season and the end, and I think one of the reasons leads back to the death of Adam Torres.

So what's the cast been up to these last six years?

Jordan "Jordy" Todosey (born on February 8, 1995) is a Canadian actress. Jordan Todosey joined the cast of Degrassi in its tenth season as Adam Torres.

Prior to this, Jordan was most recognized for her role as Lizzie Mc Donald in the children's television series, Life With Derek, where she shares in a Young Artist Award for "Best Young Ensemble." Her co-stars included Michael Seater, Joy Tanner and John Ralston.

Meaning they had to quickly write out a character that was pretty close to impossible to write out ‘cleanly’ (like writing out Tori, or K. Meaning the choices were new school (unlikely), divorce (recently done), and death (…what they chose).

After that they had to spend a lot of time killing Adam, and a lot of time reworking various plots to work around losing Adam.

Read on to hear Annie tease Fiona’s upcoming romance, Jordy discuss her singer-songwriter aspirations, and other cast members chime in with their two cents about filming scenes with Adam and Fiona.