Liberal dating gospels

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must confess that the conservative calculations sound reasonable in parts.

This thinking places at least some of the gospels well before the fall of Jerusalem and the destruction of the temple in 70 CE.

The granddaddy of the liberal Biblical scholars was Rudolph Bultmann who believed there was next to nothing we could know about the historical Jesus.

The old joke is that Bultmann was asked how he would react if archeologists discovered the bones of Jesus Christ. ” Bultmann’s de-mythologizing theories were the product of over three hundred years of increasingly skeptical scholarship combined with early twentieth century academic fascination with folklore and myth.

Their testimony is not infallible (especially when, as in the case of the tradition about Mark, the tradition is recorded over a century after the Gospel was written), but it serves as a valuable starting point when we are looking for information about the Gospels’ authors and dates, and shouldn’t be dismissed lightly.