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Each operator will have their own account entry, but only one of them will be able to converse with the visitors of the site. The chat can be used both for a single site and for several at once.

As soon as the operator leaves the chat zone, another will be able to log into the system to receive calls from site visitors. During the trial period you will get all the functions of the full-fledged commercial version of the live chat, followed automatically by Netrox SC Lite. The system considers the aggregate traffic on all sites when accounting for the traffic limitations.

If you feel you need further support after your initial live chat with a counsellor, then one of our other services (Message a Counsellor, webcam, telephone or face-to-face counselling) may be more appropriate for you.

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offers free i OS, Android, Windows and Mac OSX apps to stay connected, or you can log in via any modern browser. is a free live chat app and ticketing system which integrates seamlessly with Shopify! [Added Aug 8, 2017] It appears that the desktop and mobile versions are not in sync.

More than 200000 companies use to provide real time support and service to their customers. Support offers 24x7-365 live support, visit https://to and initiate a chat or send us an email at [email protected] There was an instance where the mobile version shows 2 visitors, then all left but the desktop version still showing these visitors (not refresh). In the description it says this app is completely free but when you sign up they make you pay. If you guys want to charge just say that in the description, waiste of time!! I have tried several of these live chat apps, but they never function as they should, but this one is just great.

Premium Live Chat and Help Desk Software for business.

Live Chat turns support teams into customer service rockstars.

Customers and visitors feel valued when you engage with them live and in real time.