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She appeared in numerous roles in film and television shows throughout the late 1980s and 1990s before being cast as Olivia Benson, a role that led to her founding the Joyful Heart Foundation, which provides support to women who have been sexually abused. John's Hospital in Santa Monica, California, the daughter of actress and 1950s-era sex symbol Jayne Mansfield. Hargitay's parents divorced in May 1963, but a judge later found their Mexican divorce invalid.

They reconciled a few months before Hargitay's birth in January 1964, but soon separated again.

Law & Order's Christopher Meloni and wife, Sherman, on how they fell in love. One afternoon, Chris was driving in the Hollywood Hills when someone called his name. She was throwing a party, and she wanted him to come. And once again concluded that she was "cool, funny, sexy." But … Meloni returned to New York, the city he loves best. And then, because the bride was working on a movie in Miami, she raced to the airport. With his square jaw and intense gaze, Chris Meloni may look like a serious fellow, but when he was a college kid, he decided, more or less on a whim, to become an actor, and he hopped on his motorcycle and roared off to Los Angeles. And I thought: I can take him anywhere."Considering that the guy had disappeared back East for two years, how did she know he'd gotten serious?

The passionate detective has one solace: his four young children. But no actor can avoid Los Angeles and, soon enough, he was back. That knocked him back: "You don't bump into people in L. (Six weeks later, he was back at the University of Colorado at Boulder.) Sherman Williams, on the other hand, may have looked like a hot biker chick, but she was the daughter of an oil executive, a dedicated student at Cal Arts and Parsons, and a Southern girl with oldfashioned values. "On our first date,we went to three parties, given by three sets of my friends," she recalls. "There were two concrete steps in front of his house," she says. Not the things that usually spell "time to get married." "Yes, but underneath all of Sherman's style, she's very traditional," Chris explains.

Another six months for them to start living together. A nondenominational minister performed the service. The bride and groom held out their goblets, removed the shot glasses inside, and knocked back hits of tequila. Next we went to a party given by Beverly Hills snootballs. Then we went to a costume designer's party in the Hills, where we drank beers from a tub on the porch.