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Don't let immediate rejection be something that upsets you. Don't talk to her with the goal of getting in her pants. It's true some do not, but don't forget the fact that some do.

As you get to know her, if you find her attractive, don't be shy about that fact. "Hey you're pretty cool, wanna trade numbers and get together tomorrow night? How would you want someone you're not attracted to to approach you? How would you want someone to express sexual interest in you?

The fact is that while a few still baulk at the idea of finding love online, the majority of single people have now accepted internet dating (or the more upmarket "personal introduction agency") as just another way of finding a mate.

Indeed, according to one national newspaper, 4.7 million people in the UK visited a dating website in the past year, while recent research by the Oxford Internet Institute suggests that 20 per cent of all married couples under the age of 25 now meet online.

Back then, in my late twenties, I barely knew anyone who did their dating online (or, at least, admitted to it).