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That’s when you need this free, user-friendly spreadsheet for bulk data download. Start by entering a start and end date, your desired quote frequency (d for daily, m for monthly, y for yearly), and your desired sorting (oldest data first or newest data first).

You can also specify if you want the data for each ticker written to separate CSV files. Then enter a list of ticker symbols in cell A11 and below (one tick per cell).

After you click “Get Bulk Quotes”, the spreadsheet downloads the historical stock quotes into individual sheets. The spreadsheet downloads the date, open price, high price, low price, closing price, volume and adjusted close price.

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A previous spreadsheet let you download data for a single ticker symbol.

Sometimes, however, data for just one company isn’t enough – you need to compare the relative performance of several companies.

There’s a real wealth of data and technical indicators.

If you type in a ticker symbol into the “Parameters” sheet, the spreadsheet will pull out the appropriate stock quotes.

If you asked the spreadsheet to export the data, you’ll find a CSV file for each ticker in the folder you specified.

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