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The nation’s economy peaked, and the recession began, in December 2007, the National Bureau of Economic Research announced today. The committee concluded that the start of the recession was December 2007 — due in large part, it said in a statement, to the decline in jobs that began that month.But it noted that many other data points confirm the diagnosis.

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Adopting a dating criterion that refers solely to aggregate Euro-area economic activity achieves this objective most transparently.

The panel of economists that dates turning points in the economy is saying what many Americans have been feeling: This recession may not be over yet. The seven-member committee said that it "would be premature" to set a date marking the end of the last economic contraction and the beginning of an expansion.

The NBER's research activities are mostly identified by 19 research programs on different subjects and 14 working groups.

The research programs are: Aging, Asset Pricing, Children, Corporate Finance, Development of the American Economy, Economics of Education, Economics of Fluctuation Growth, Energy and the Environment, Health Care, Health Economics, Industrial Organization, International Finance and Macroeconomics, International Trade and Investment, Labor Studies, Law and Economics, Monetary Economics, Political Economy, Productivity, and Public Economics., the NBER was ranked as the second most influential Domestic Economic Policy think tank (the first was the Brookings Institution).

In September 2011, the Economic Cycle Research Institute proclaimed a new U.