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There's a puritan streak in the music press which abhors excess, and Duran Duran were the most excessive band in an excessive age.

Duran Duran were essentially the Led Zeppelin of 80s teenpop, a band defined by their extravagance and extremes.

As Boy George, a close eye-witness, put it in his autobiography Take It Like A Man, "the champagne-swilling, yacht-sailing Duran Duran touted 'playboyeurism' and a new pop superficiality.

Suddenly it was OK to be rich, famous and feel no shame. I think Arcadia has stood the test of time better, maybe.

One project represented the 'Chauffeur' wing of Duran's sound, the other the 'Wild Boys' end. "I had a foot in both camps," he told me when I interviewed the band for t Q in 2011. 1983 was the year that the sumptuous sheen of the New Pop got roughed up.