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Liam och Louis har haft flickvnner lnge nu, vad heter de? Vem r knd fr uttrycket Vas Happenin\\\' Det r ngot speciellt med Liam, vad? Vad r landskapet i g Vad heter albumet som kom ut 2011? Vilket r framfrde The Ark lten The Worrying Kind i melodifestivalen? 2000 for the ark p turne t vilket band var de frband?

New clip: the next mornig Not translated/subtitled yet, but with lots of kissing, cuddling and talking. Isak said he got drunk one night because his dad has left his mom. He met Eskild who took him back to the flat, probably because he felt sorry for him. And he'll also never have sex with a girl (and it doesn't matter if said girl would be Emma or any other girl) because he is now to self aware (??? My bet is on Even, because somewhere else someone pointed out that Sonja seems to greet Even with a "Hi, you're here too "-look (in the BROS video) and Even respondet with his typical both eyebroth uplifting thing. I'm 99 % sure it's Even in that clip, for various reasons. Yeah, because this is what everyone was DYING to see! And can we please just take a moment to appreciate Jonas? I don't see Isak reverting back to what he was in episode 6. And I hope these two manage to make it together, I am worried that they have gotten together and everything seems to be so neatly resolved before the season's end, but if the show takes it to a place of actually exploring what it's like to be young and in love and together, that would be beyond amazing.

I also fear Even will go back to Sonja now since they were only on a break anyway. Isak is probably being sad and lonely in his room thinking back to last weekend when he had sex with Even. Well we have until November 14 so it could be someone we haven't even considered yet. Three is that Eskild is a ghost character here, and that the sex part will actually be foreshadowing about Isak having loud sex (with Even? This is basically Noora talking about her and William's relationship last night when in could also relate to Isak and Even. He did say he might be a little bit gay, so maybe that's process. Now back to waiting for the clip (I find it difficult, reading the translated text, I'm not finding the right tones as I do). Isak finally confronted him about Sonja, and they got to kiss and cuddle some more. Which makes me worried, because I just think something will happen. I still wonder if he has a mental illness (maybe bipolar?

What Isak said about mentally ill people was not well thought out, but I don't think he quite meant it that way. Though this is a drama series, so I don't expect my wishes to come true. I honestly wouldn't be surprised at all if Isak went back into the closet because he was so badly hurt, maybe he will try hooking up with Emma again. It would ruin the whole show for me if it's Eskild. My theory is that the sex scene is a flashback scene, a dream sequence of sorts. Two is that he takes too many sleeping pills (whether or not it's on purpose), he overdoses and nearly suicides (I think this is too dark for Skam though). I love how he was so protective of him in this scene. I only wish he would have said he's gay, but maybe he will later. He didn't have bad intentions, and Isak and his sassy self fought back, so it's all good. He's a very talented actor and has a bright future ahead of him. Except I'm not holding out at all, I totally caved and watched the original clip with no translation and it is glorious. I just get the feeling Even hasn't told him the whole truth.

Yes, it's still backup, but it's solo backup ;-)This song was about Miley and Nick.