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"This is not being done to victimize or criticize teachers.

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The movies are full of inspirational teachers, principals and good guys.

But what about the educators you’d forge notes from your parents to avoid? You’ve got Morgan Freeman in ) as the superbly vile Miss Trunchbull.

Trunchbull is a fearsome creation who utterly despises children and whose very appearance could happily inject shudders into the most fearless of opponents.

She’s so deliciously, pantomime evil that you can’t help but root for her, but the mere thought of stepping into her school and having to face such a ferociously realised educator would be enough to get us do our homework. She's a marvellous piece of work, and it's a pity that Ferris hasn't been given more big screen opportunities to demonstrate her superb acting range.

'” It’s long been the way that if you’re not a jock, sports-fiend or remotely talented at any sport, then any kind of physical education at school brought you by law into contact with a sadistic teacher along the way.